La Vie en Rose

I made these Rose and pistachio cupcakes to accompany my Ferrero Rocher cupcakes, because apparently not everyone likes chocolate, I know, shocking right?

These really are a decadent cupcake, a beautiful pink rose concealing a dreamy rich green interior.

I think I say this about everything I make, but these really are the most amazing flavour combination. A delicate rose with a rich pistachio, they have a very Middle Eastern vibe. They really are only for special occasions, and make any cake plate look feminine and beautiful.

I use this recipe for the cupcake, I grind the pistachios using a coffee grinder to give them a powder like texture. This gives the cakes the most beautiful green colour without the use of any artificial colourings.
The recipe makes 12 regular cupcakes, if you are using muffin cases you will get about 9-10.

Once cooled I pipe on my delicious Rose frosting.
Whisk 125g of unsalted butter, gradually adding 250g sieved icing sugar until fully incorporated. Add Rose water for flavouring, I usually add 1-1.5 tablespoons, but it’s really to your taste, some rose waters can be very sweet so it’s a good idea to add it in half spoons till you get the amount that’s good for you. If necessary add some milk if you need to thin down the frosting. Whisk for 5mins to get the frosting light and fluffy.
A few drops of pink gel colour to get your rose colour (you could make them more red rose like, but I prefer a light pink).
Then using a Wilton 2D nozzle pipe your rose.
Sprinkle with ground pistachio.

Simply Beautiful


The first time I made these I made fondant roses to decorate, and used pistachio slices for leaves, clever eh 😉


Next time I would like to add some ground cardamon seeds to the frosting. Or to go for something slightly lighter, add ground cardamon seeds to a plain cupcake base and top with Rose frosting. Mmm … Cardamon and rose 🙂


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