Middle Eastern Feast

After going on and on and on (and on a bit more) about how much I wanted the Yotam Ottolenghi book Jerusalem, after receiving it, I put in on the bookshelf and forgot about it.

Being on a bit of a health kick, I decided I couldn’t have cake for dinner (on my next post you will see I changed my mind on that :p ) and decided I wanted something tasty and colourful. Flicking through the Waitrose magazine (May’2014) I found an Ottolenghi recipe for ‘Fried Aubergine with Leaks and Tomatoes’.


Fried aubergines as tasty as it sounds are not particularly healthy, so I baked them instead. I’m sure greasy, fried aubergines would have tasted nicer, however, I don’t think baking them took much away from the meal, it had a mild heat from the spices (cumin and fresh green chilli) and was very tasty, served with giant couscous.

To accompany my main, I decided on a classic Middle Eastern salad, fattoush.  Using the recipe from ‘Jerusalem’. This was perfect for me, colourful,fresh vegetables in a light dressing. I’m not crazy about vinegar, and this had just the right amount (as in, I couldn’t taste it). The recipe called for not toasting the flat bread pieces, but I really like the crunch of it so toasted mine before mixing in.

A healthy meal, which everyone enjoyed.


I’m sure I won’t be keeping the book to gather dust for too long!

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