Mini Tiramisu Cakes

I’m really enjoying the repeats of Lorraine Pascales ‘Baking Made Easy’ on Food Network. She makes everything look so easy.

I’ve taken it as a sign that the episode where she makes these Mini Tiramisu Cakes is always on, and decided with my coffee by my side to give them a go. 


I really need to stop listening to my mug



After preparing the batter, rather than using a muffin tin/muffin cases, I used my Lakeland Mini Sandwich Tin as I wanted to make them look like miniature cakes not cupcakes.


There was, however, plenty of batter left over, so I made 6 cupcakes out of it.


While the cakes were cooling I made the filling (substituting the marsala for a few spoons of coffee dissolved in water, also, if you are piping instead of scooping the filling … 350g of mascarpone should be enough..I had loads left over and made some trifles with the amaretti biscuits). And the syrup, which started of quite watery but thickens as it cools.

Once cool enough I cut them in half (and also had a little try, a really moist cake with a none overwhelming coffee flavour.  Unfortunately the Amaretti seemed to soften/dissolve into the cake, however, you could taste the almond) and brushed syrup over both halves.


Once fully cooled, time to fill.  Lorraine uses an ice cream scoop and puts a huge dollop of the mascarpone to sandwich the two halves.  I felt that was too much and decided to pipe.


And to finish a dusting of icing sugar:


I was really impressed by these, a really good cake made super moist by the syrup and with the mascarpone filling with it soft bits of Amaretti biscuits it tastes just like Tiramisu.

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