Dream House

Ever since I’ve got into this baking thing… I’ve been telling myself I have to make a gingerbread house.

I absolutely love gingerbread houses. I could spend hours on pintrest looking at the gingerbread mansions/villages/cities.

Feeling inspired by the season (and bakedbyH’s gorgeous house, I can’t believe that’s her first attempt) I decided this was the year and made my template


I decided to go with a chocolate gingerbread house and used this recipe, substituting 50g of plain flour with cocoa powder. I also added a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and half a teaspoon of all spice.


Mixing the wet and dry ingredients


all mixed up and ready to roll

I’m not really sure why but I always thought making gingerbread would be really difficult but the dough was ready pretty quickly and no chilling required.

The dough itself was quite greasy, but the made it easy to roll and no messy/stickydough fingers.




I decided my house had to have windows and used hardboiled sweets to fill the heart cutouts.

Some of the houses I’d found online had the most beautiful stain glass windows and I really wanted to recreate them (ambitious much?!).


Unfortunately, I’m a proper weakling, and didn’t get very far bashing my sweets with a rolling pin, so ended up having to put whole sweets of the same colour and hoping for the best.

I left the them to bake for 5mins longer than advised just to make sure they wouldn’t be too soft.

After taking them out while still fingerburning hot, I cut around the templates as the dough had spread abit during baking.


My Windows worked... Yay

I decorated the pieces before constructing the house. I used royal icing, jelly tots and some white chocolate heart sprinkles.


And chocolate buttons to make a slate effect for the roof


Now the scary bit…construction….


I piped stiff royal icing and held the pieces in place until slightly set, and reinforced it with more royal icing along the joints from the inside and outside.

I wanted mine to look like my dream house from when I was a kid, unfortunately, my artistic abilities are still the same as when I was a kid.

And this is what I ended up with



I would definitely live in that house! But will be happy to just eat it for now.

As the house I made was smaller than the one on the recipe, I used the extra dough to make cookies, which gave me an opportunity to use my new ‘baked by maryam’ stamp 😁.


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