Chocolate and Caramel Ombre Cake





What’s not to love?

This is a family favourite, and I felt it would make a perfect dessert for my families 25th December gathering.

Its a definite crowd pleaser; with a chocolate, vanilla, caramel and chococaramel layer, there’s something to for everyone. 


It’s a great way to make a beautiful, impressive ombre cake without all the added food colourings. It’s also suprisingly easy to make.

The different layers are fairly easy to make and aren’t too time consuming. I don’t follow the recipe exactly; I prefer to cream the butter and sugar, whisk in the eggs and fold in the flour to give it a spongier finish.

I also find the chocolate layer to be too dense and stodgy so used this recipe (as a two egg/4 oz recipe) and adjusted the quantities for the vanilla layer (again two eggs/4 oz).

Again decorating the cake is simple, however, the caramel makes the layers really slidey, so I normally use skewers to reinforce it while ganaching.



Unfortunately, this time my reinforcement didn’t make too much of a difference and after the car journey my cake was renamed ‘leaning tower of Pisa cake’. I didn’t get a chance (or want to) take a photograph of the finished cake, but these are ones I’ve made previously:





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