Indian Summer

No Indian wedding would be complete without lots of love, laughter, colour and lots and lots of FOOD.

My next few post will be about the treats I made for my brothers wedding over the Summer.

Most of these were made for the dessert table for the ladies mendhi (henna) party.


some of the mendhi patterns of the night


Mendhi madness

The gorgeous mendhi was applied by Sheena and Raya, who both did the most beautiful designs and really paid attention to what each person wanted.

And this is dessert table I (with some help of my sisters) did:




Out of all my baking projects over the last few years this was my favourite and the one I’m most proud of. I was so happy with how it looked when put together and all the different desserts/sweets looked and tasted amazing.

Paisley Cakes
The ‘paisley’ is so common in mendhi patterns. I knew these cakes would go perfectly on my table.



To make them extra special I painted the flaked almonds gold using food paint before sprinkling on top.


They looked so beautiful on my cupcake display.

Chocolate Brownie Hearts
I made my normal brownies, plain chocolate flavour in shallow baking sheets (I usually make them in a square cake 20cm tin).

I left the brownies to cool, then using heart cutters cut them out.


I did want to dip them in melted chocolate and sprinkle edible heart confetti … but ran out of time.

They still looked cute and were the perfect little chocolatey, fudgey morsels.


Sweet Cones
Ok, no baking involved. But thought I’d include these.

I make these as a thank you gift for our guests.


I got the cones and curling ribbon from eBay and filled them with marshmellows, jelly sweets, love hearts and lolly pops.

They were really easy to make and made a great gift for kids and adults alike.

The cake pops and individual banofee pies were made by my sister, I made the fruit skewers, and the small crescent and iced cakes were a gift from a friend.



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