Mendhi Hands


Continuing with what I made for my dessert table.
I saw these on Instagram or pintrest and knew I had to make them.  They were a massive hit with the kids and adults alike.

The idea is you leave the hands out with some icing pens and your guests decorate their hands with their own mendhi designs.

Even though this was one of the most simple things I made, it was definitely my favourite.

I used my favourite custard shortbread recipe:
250g plain flour, 50g custard powder, 100g caster sugar combined, then crumbled into breadcrumbs with 250g cubed butter , and kneaded until it combines. Chilled in the fridge before rolling for approx 30mins


I bought these hand cookie cutters from a kitchenware shop:

I rolled out the dough and cut them into different sizes hands


Then baked in the oven at 160deg until just golden brown on the edges (aprox 15mins).

While the hands were baking/cooling, using white fondant icing I made some hand toppers.  Once the hands were cooled, using raspberry jam brushed on to the hand biscuits, I stuck the fondant hand onto the biscuits.


Mmm.. custard biscuits with a tangy raspberry jam and sweet fondant topping!

On the day these were left out on a tray with a few tubes of chocolate writing icing tubes.


They were meant as an activity for kids but were enjoyed by everyone.





Not only did they look fab, they tasted awesome (and the leftovers were most appreciated at breakfast the next day).

They are a fun addition to any mendhi/henna party.


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