Lemon Meringue Pie

I recently watched the Horizon documentary What’s the Right Diet for You, and doing the online test found me to be a ‘constant craver’, which wasn’t really very suprising.  But not particularly helped by constantly thinking about ‘what can I make next ‘.

This lemon meringue pie is a perfect example, I saw a pie on TV and decided I had to have pie, spent the next few hours thinking of what pie and looking up recipes and had an internal debate as to whether I should make it or not (just for the record, I did do other things that day!). 

Another problem I have no time concept when it comes to baking, so when I started making this at 5.30pm, even though I know it should have been chilled for an hour, I had every intention of eating this after dinner (and I did).

I went with the Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie recipe as I liked the addition of orange to the lemon curd.

1) Prepare the pastry case



2) once the curd has been prepared, pour over the prepared pastry case


3) I piped the meringue on top


4) ready to serve


The recipe states to leave the pie to cool for 30mins and leave to rest for a further 1hr to set.

I served it after about 20mins and it was still warm. 

To me lemon meringue pie is a light, summery dessert. Eating it warm seemed wrong, however, it tasted really good and made a lovely winter treat.

2 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Pie

  1. This Muslim Girl Bakes

    Omg, this is so me! I have no time concept when baking either. Even though I know a recipe needs time, I’ll still begin it – knowing I have no time! P.s. the pie looks great. My mother would love it. It’s one of her all time favourites.


    1. maryambakes Post author

      Haha… I have this really bad habit of ‘night baking’ and then I wake up really grumpy because I had to stay up til 2am waiting for something to cool before I could put it away 😂. You should make it, its really good



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