Chocolate Coconut Mousse

Thank you to Arielle from With all my Affection for sharing this super easy to make chocolate mousse.

This takes 5mins to make and tastes absolutely delicious.



Yes, only three ingredients!
–  x2 cans of 160g coconut cream
– 50g cocoa powder
– three tablespoons icing sugar
(makes 6 small servings)

The original recipe says to use a tin of coconut milk left in the fridge overnight and separating the thicker ‘cream’ from the water.  A few reviews said that it came out too watery so I decided to use coconut cream instead which is the same thing with less water. I did still leave it the fridge overnight.

Empty the coconut cream into a bowl and sieve in the cocoa powder and icing sugar (I altered the quantities slightly). I was initially apprehensive as it seemed really watery initially and wasn’t sure if it’d thicken up.

After a few mins of whisking it had thickened up nicely and had a moussy consistency. I should have piped it into my serving dishes but was feeling lazy so spooned it in.


It tasted really chocolatey with a subtle hint of coconut.

This is a great recipe for when you need a quick dessert hit, and its vegan/dairy free/egg free (if you are making it for someone who suffers from dairy allergies make sure the cocoa powder doesn’t contain whey).

This would also taste delicious omitting the cocoa powder and using vanilla essence.

14 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Mousse

  1. stephysweetbakes

    My ultimate weakness is Chocolate. Lol. I’m not big on actual coconut, but I DO love flavored Coconut. I don’t like the texture just the flavor of you can understand that. I see this doesn’t actually have the shredded coconut so I am gonna have to try this out. Gosh Almighty lol


  2. Abida

    I’ve been looking for some clean desserts recently and this looks great. I’ve never heard of coconut cream however! Will have to have a look for it in my supermarket.


    1. maryambakes Post author

      I found mine in waitrose in the world food section (with the thai/Malaysian stuff), i’m sure the other supermarkets or oriental shops must sell it. Let me know how you get on xx



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