Bruce Bogtrotter-ing

Whenever I think of chocolate thing comes to mind…


That cake!

And it’s ‘that’ cake that spoils chocolate cake for me. “That cake was made from real butter and real cream! And he, that robber-bandit, that safe-cracker, that highwayman standing over there with his socks around his ankles stole it and ate it!”

From all the chocolate cakes I’ve eaten, and that’s a lot of chocolate cake, I have never had one that meets my chocolate cake expectations.

I wanted to make ‘that’ cake.

I used my favourite chocolate cake recipe, the recipe as stated makes the most moist, rich chocolate cake, and when coated with the chocolate ganache resembles the Bruce Bogtrotter cake


And eating a slice, or the whole thing, you can completely relate to this feeling:


I decided to add to that and make it even more Bruce -worthy.

I made the cake as described, it does take a bit more effort than your normal chocolate cake recipe, but it’s totally worth it.


I made the cake into three layers using three 8″ sandwich pans.

For my own extra touches to make it into my dream cake I:
1) made a Nutella buttercream:
-250g unsalted butter at room temperature
-500g icing sugar
-6 tablespoons of Nutella
I whisked the butter til softened then gradually whisked in the icing sugar (I mix gently before whisking to stop an icing sugar cloud from forming) until fully combined, then a few drops of milk (aprox 20ml, til you reach the desired consistency). Whisk for 5mins. Add the nutella and then whisk until fully combined.

2)made a chocolate fudge sauce:
– 150g dark chocolate
– 150ml double cream
– 3 tbsp golden syrup
– 175g icing sugar,seived
Put all the ingredients into a sauce pan and mix until smooth and glossy, leave to cool

On to construction…

The layers were sandwiched together with a layer of buttercream AND fudge sauce:


the buttercream looks crumbly as I had taken it out of the fridge and didn't let it soften completely, as the fudge sauce was runny I piped a ring of buttercream to stop it from dripping down the sides

The cake was then covered in a layer of buttercream:


Which was then covered in a layer of fudge sauce:


I like the dripping effect so didn't smooth it over

And the final finishing touches:


Now that cake looks scrumpdidliumptious!

Even though I didn’t get a chance to try it (it was a gift), I have been told it tasted as good as it looks.

Having made the cake before and tried the buttercream and fudge sauce, I can only imagine it must have tasted amazing and would have been happily eaten whole by Bruce.


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