Suprise Cakes

I love cakes that suprise you when you cut into them.


hidden 'star' and 'butterfly' cupcakes


hidden red velvet heart cake


rainbow pinata cake

So I wanted to make a cake to take to a dinner, something simple but would also be fun.

I decided on a hidden heart bundt cake.

First I made the cake for the ‘hidden heart’:


I used my regular vanilla cake recipe:
175g unsalted butter creamed with 250g golden caster sugar
Whisk in x4 eggs and 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
Sieve in 250g self raising flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder, gently mix in 75g natural yoghurt


I divided the mixture into three and coloured using gel colours


I then placed in a square cake pan and marbled the mixture

Once cooled I then used a heart cutter


I then made another batch of the cake mix:


coat the bottom of your Bundt pan with some of the cake mixture


Place the hearts, upside down. Put the remaining cake mix on top and bake (180deg, aprox 45mins)


Leave to cool 🙂

To decorate, originally I planned to drizzle with white chocolate, unfortunately, the white chocolate seized when I was melting it (this always happens to me :twisted:). As I didn’t have anymore chocolate I used sugar icing and sprinkles:


Using the whole cake mix for the hearts made soo much more cake than needed, you could half the quantities or freeze half the cake.


..Or make cake truffles 😋.. by crumbling the cake and mixing in with some buttercream icing (i used the seized up white chocolate)



maybe not the best colour choice with the yellow!

2 thoughts on “Suprise Cakes

  1. Oxford Kitchen Cure

    Surprise cake looks lovely. I have never made a cake with anything inside that would require an initial round of baking. A marbled cake has been the extent of my cake surprises so far. Great idea to keep in mind for special occasions.



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