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Summer in a Cake

I wanted to make something ‘light’ to finish my meal last week. The cover recipe on the latest Good Food Magazine stood out for me.

Almond and strawberry cheesecake sponge.

Yes, that’s cheesecake in a cake.

Ok, that doesn’t sound very ‘light’, but the strawberries count as one of your five (or 7) a day, almonds are good for your skin and hair, and calcium in cheese is good for your bones. Sounds healthy to me.

I substituted the strawberries for the raspberries, and didn’t have any almonds. So mine didn’t look quite as pretty as the cover of the magazine, but on a rare summery day it was really delightful after an early dinner. The tangy raspberries and the creamy hidden cheesecake bits, mmm, dreamy.


I’ll post the link when it becomes available.

Cheesecake Brownies


Cheesecake or brownies? My two favourite food groups

How’s a girl to decide?

Fudgy brownie or creamy cheesecake?

Combine the two? Yes please!

Cheesecake brownies are my favourite dessert hybrid.

For the brownie base I use this super simple recipe (without the cherries/other optional items) that has yet to let me down.


For the cheesecake topping I found most recipes were stingy, I didn’t want small blobs of cheesecake marbled in teasing me. So I adjusted the quantities to give me a substantial layer thick enough to appease the part of my brain/stomach/heart which deals with cheesecake like matters.

(The pictures include the addition of the below mentioned Oreos)

This does cause a slight dilemma, I find the cheesecake topping is done within about 30-40mins in the oven but the underlying brownie is nowhere near being ready especially the middle which is still a gooey mess (I try my best not to lick the knife I use to check if it’s ready), I normally put a tray on top to stop it from burning. Next time (I tell myself this every time I make these…) I will bake the brownie bit first for about 30mins then quickly pour the cheesecake bit on top and then it should be okay?

Cheesecake brownies are extremely versatile and can be made with endless flavour combinations.
My current favourite are double peanut butter, I add a combination of Reese’s peanut butter cups (minis or the larger ones chopped up), peanut butter chips and peanuts. For the cheesecake topping a few generous spoons of peanut butter and chocolate chips. YUM!
This was inspired by the Cheesecake Factories Reese’s peanut butter chocolate cake cheesecake.

What flavour combinations do you make. Ideas and suggestions in the comments please 🙂

This batch were for a friend, and I don’t think she quite shares my enthusiasm for peanut butter. So I went for a Mars bar base (just when you think brownies couldn’t get any fudgy and amazing, the nougat and caramel melt to take this brownie to the next level, though Mars bar enthusiasts may be disappointed to find that due to the melting there are no Mars bar chunks) with an Oreo topping.


I was really happy with the brownie base, so fudgy and morish (in a I’m going to be sick if I eat one more but it’s worth it kinda way), the Oreo cheesecake bit wasn’t amazing, it didn’t taste very Oreoy even though I used a whole pack, more vanilla cheesecake with a hint of Oreo.
Possibly overbaked due to my uncooked brownie dilemma, and it didn’t quite have that smooth, creamy texture. It was still good… Just not amazing.

As mentioned above, these were a gift for a friend. She recently had a baby, unfortunately, I think he is a bit young to be introduced to these. So his mummy will have to scoff the lot (lucky her).

So he doesn’t feel left out I got him these gorgeous knits to keep him all snuggly through the winter.



These were handmade by the very talented CaraMacchiato. She discussed what I wanted, design wise and colours, and we (well she) came up with these. They came out perfectly. I’m sure baby ‘S’ will approve!