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Its a kinda magic

When watching American sitcoms and movies I am always mystified by their ‘flans’. The word flan conjures images of fruit and jelly filled pasty crust, not really my cup of tea. But American flan look and sounds so different…unfortunately they never really focus on the flan…but in my head they are a custardycheesecake like pie…dribble.

When staying with my sister over the summer, one of the many treats she made was ‘chocoflan’. And no, it wasn’t a chocolate pastry crust filled with fresh fruit… Yay!

A flan as seen (and dribbled at) in American shows is basically creme caramel, ok so kind of a disappointment.
A chocoflan is a Mexican/Puerto Rican version with a sponge base.
And it’s delicious, so not that disappointing (it has cream cheese in it, so technically it is a custardycheesecakepiecake type thing, and I just created a new food type!)

I had actually made something similar before, the aptly named caramel pudding cake 😉

So where’s the magic?

It’s in the making……

You start off with a thin layer of caramel (always a good start), sponge, and then the creme caramel on top. When you put it in the oven by a magical process (okay, scientific) the sponge migrates to the top, which gives you a lovely base for your creme caramel.

I used this recipe (it was the only one I could find in metric units, I find converting from imperial/cups too confusing).

I coated my bundt tin with caramel, once the cake mixture was done I placed this on top, and then the creme caramels/flan mixture. It’s quite strange putting the liquid over the cake mixture, and even though I had made and eaten it before, I still thought ‘this isn’t going to work’.

Place the tin in a water bath, cover with foil, and let the ‘flan goblins’ do their work…

Being the impatient person I am, I had to keep taking sneaky peaks and to my dismay, twenty minutes later, the liquidy flan mixture was still sloshing around on top. Work flan goblins, work!

Just over an hour later, it happened…

Once cooled and chilled I turned the flan out…


It’s pretty cool to see the flan come out, looking all pretty from the pan (I guess that depends on whether you have a pretty pan or not), but the best thing is seeing the transformation (and eating it of course….)


The condensed milk caramel in this recipe gave the ‘flan’ part of the cake the most wonderful caramel taste, kinda like eating the caramel straight out of the tin (FYI that is the correct way to eat condensed milk caramel!)

However, the underlying cake was a bit dry, so next time I will make my own caramel syrup as per this recipe , as I think the caramel syrup will keep the cake nice and moist (and if not I could you any excess as a sugar syrup and brush the cake with it before inverting).