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Summer in a Cake

I wanted to make something ‘light’ to finish my meal last week. The cover recipe on the latest Good Food Magazine stood out for me.

Almond and strawberry cheesecake sponge.

Yes, that’s cheesecake in a cake.

Ok, that doesn’t sound very ‘light’, but the strawberries count as one of your five (or 7) a day, almonds are good for your skin and hair, and calcium in cheese is good for your bones. Sounds healthy to me.

I substituted the strawberries for the raspberries, and didn’t have any almonds. So mine didn’t look quite as pretty as the cover of the magazine, but on a rare summery day it was really delightful after an early dinner. The tangy raspberries and the creamy hidden cheesecake bits, mmm, dreamy.


I’ll post the link when it becomes available.