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Caramel Hearts and Cherry Bakewell Paisleys

I love individual cakes, they look so special and dainty.

I decided to finally use these silicon moulds I bought last summer (to much protest from my siblings, quote ‘no, Maryam you are not making cake, stop making us fat’ :p).


I’m going through a caramel phase at the moment (it’s always a caramel phase ..mmm), so decided on ‘caramel heart’ cakes.  A soft caramely sponge, topped with caramel sauce and coated with Diam bar pieces and drizzled with milk chocolate  *dribble*

I didn’t make the caramel sauce (burnt sugar…overwhelming choking fumes…bad memories) but the Waitrose sauce is AMAZING, it’s so creamy and buttery, you will eat it with a spoon!

Originally I wanted to top the caramel with a chocolate ganache, but forgot to buy cream. I think it came out better with the chocolate anyway, ganache can be very heavy, and there are two cakes to eat 😉

For the second cake I went for ‘cherry bakewell’, a soft almond sponge, with topped with cherry jam and a sprinkling of flaked almonds, drizzled with almond flavoured icing.

Photo 01-07-2014 11 18 37

I LOVE the way the paisleys came out, they look so beautiful! The hearts look alright as well… just not quite as pretty.

Photo 01-07-2014 11 22 38

I love it when something is super simple to make, yet looks like I put sooo much effort into it.

I had loads of batter left over, but felt lazy to wash the trays (it was 12am … I’m a night baker), so made them into cupcakes:

Photo 01-07-2014 12 05 44


Sponge recipe: 1)Caramel: 175g soft butter creamed with 75g dark muscavado and 150g golden caster sugar, whisk in 4 large eggs (using a spoon of flour as you add each one to avoid curdling). Sieve in 250g self raising flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder and gently fold in. Mix in 75g natural full fat yoghurt.

2)Almond: 175g soft butter creamed with 250g golden caster sugar, whisk in 4 large eggs (using a spoon of flour as you add each one to avoid curdling). Add a few drops of Almond extract. Sieve in 175g of self raising flour, 75g ground almonds and a teaspoon of baking powder and gently fold in. Mix in 75g natural full fat yoghurt.

Still singing rainbows…

Standing on a wet train platform on my way home wondering what cake to make I was hit by inspiration from the sky…


I’ve been wanting to make a Rainbow Cake for ages, but it would have to be a very special occasion to justify a six layer cake. What could be more special than my nephews birthday?!

He had two demands 1)vanilla 2)white chocolate

For the cake I used the following recipe, it makes the yummiest vanilla cake which is fluffy and light, definitely a must when I’ll be making six layers of it!

175g unsalted butter creamed with 250g golden caster sugar
Whisk in x4 eggs and 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
Sieve in 250g self raising flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder, gently mix in
Mix in 75g natural yoghurt

This was split into two and coloured using Wilton gel colours. I made 3 quantities to make up the six layers.


I used a vanilla sugar syrup to soak each layer.

For the white chocolate buttercream I melted 175g of white chocolate and left it aside to cool. I creamed 250g of unsalted butter with 500g of icing sugar, using a few tablespoons of milk to get it to the right consistency, them whisked in the white chocolate.
This was really good, you could really taste the white chocolate without it being sickly sweet.

The cake was layered using the buttercream and raspberry jam.

To make it extra special and add to the surprise element, I made it a piñata cake, filled with white chocolate jazzles and jelly beans.


Once layered, the cake was crumb coated and covered with another thin layer of buttercream before being sprinkled with glitter.


This was the tallest (and heaviest) cake I have ever made. It wasn’t difficult to make but did take time due to the different layers. It was definitely the most impressive.


Jelly beans and cake go surprisingly well together. Unfortunately the nephew seemed more interested in the sweets than the cake. Kids!

Summer in a Cake

I wanted to make something ‘light’ to finish my meal last week. The cover recipe on the latest Good Food Magazine stood out for me.

Almond and strawberry cheesecake sponge.

Yes, that’s cheesecake in a cake.

Ok, that doesn’t sound very ‘light’, but the strawberries count as one of your five (or 7) a day, almonds are good for your skin and hair, and calcium in cheese is good for your bones. Sounds healthy to me.

I substituted the strawberries for the raspberries, and didn’t have any almonds. So mine didn’t look quite as pretty as the cover of the magazine, but on a rare summery day it was really delightful after an early dinner. The tangy raspberries and the creamy hidden cheesecake bits, mmm, dreamy.


I’ll post the link when it becomes available.

Jam Hearts, Living in Just one Mind

Miniature+Hearts+Jam=Happy Maryam

When craving jam tarts, I decided on these mini-jam tarts. The pastry was very easy to make and easy to work with. I used my mini cupcake pan to make them, and used a fluted cookie cutter to cut the pastry to shape (choose one size up from the one that just fits the pan, so you get a decent edge to fill with jam).


After filling with jam, being careful not to overfill as it will bubble over during baking; 2/3 of a teaspoon should be okay, I topped with a heart/star made from left over pastry (hearts=apple and blueberry, stars=raspberry).


Mmmm…. yummy

5:2 Diet Cake

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break, so my recent posts are about what I’ve been making over the last few months.

In February, I decided to give the 5:2 diet a go. I usually don’t give in to fad diets, too many restrictions and most aren’t sustainable in the long run. 5:2 appealed to me because you don’t have to completely cut out anything and from talking to a few people who swear by it, it seemed like something that could easily fit into my life and give me steady and long lasting results.

A few people had told me that 500 calories is a lot more than you think, and by the end of the day they felt energised. They lied!!! I found it really difficult to find three small meals that would fit into the 500 calorie allowance plus allow for some snacks. I usually went for a small bowl of porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch and soup for dinner, and snacks of cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks for snacks. By the end of the day I felt really tired and irate. However, with the knowledge that this is for only for one day (my 500 calorie days were Mondays and Fridays) I tried my best to keep to me allowance (a few slip ups but thats okay). The next day, however, I would wake up really hungry, and it takes a lot of self control to not over compensate.

One of the good things about the 5:2 diet, is on the other 5 days, you can eat ‘normally’, and for me a normal, balanced diet consists of cake 😀

I had been wanting to make a Hummingbird cake for ages, banana/pineapple/pecans (see, its healthy :p) ,mmm irresistible.

I went with the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook recipe for the cake, and was not disappointed.

The cake was really moist, soft and moreish.

I didn’t have any ripe bananas at the time, I initially froze my bananas following a Google search, but later read this actually drops them from ripening, so followed the advice of baking them in their skin for an hour.

go bananas

go bananas

Either way, the bananas became extremely juicy, sweet and mushy. This was reflected in the taste of the cake.

Once baked and cooled, the recipe calls for the cake to be layered with a cream cheese frosting, the remainder of which is to be spread over the cake.

I LOVE cream cheese frosting, but I had never tried a home made frosting the quite has the same affect as bakery frosting (my favourite is from Gail’s and Lola’s), this recipe looked like it had potential..

225g Cream Cheese (I used Philadelphia), 225g mascarpone creamed together.

Whisk a medium carton of Double Cream (300ml) til at stiff peaks

Combine the two cream mixtures with 125g icing sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract/flavouring

OMG… this frosting is amazing. It is the BEST cream cheese frosting EVER. It can be use for smoothing and piping, perfect!

The quantities above made enough to fill this three layered cake and cover the top and some piping detail (with enough left for me to eat :D). To compliment the cinnamon in the cake I put a pinch in the frosting, and also using a stencil sprinkled some on top.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pics during the making process, but I love the effect the stencil makes. It takes a plain, ordinary looking cake into something very special. It also looks like it took a lot of effort, whereas in reality its just a sprinkling of cinnamon! I have used my stencils in the past to transform a plain, uniced cake with a sprinkling of icing sugar and stencil magic 🙂




I can sing a rainbow…

Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow too.

Red and yellow and…

Ok I can’t sing…an anything .. let alone a rainbow

However, I can bake a rainbow


I’ve had my eye on rainbow cookies for sometime, after falling in love with some super piñata rainbow cookies. So when a tutorial popped up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, my rainbow cookie obsession was back.

Being me, I couldn’t just do squarish rainbow cookies and decided it would be a great excuse to use my new cookie cutters (I got them from ebay).

To make the dough it was easy enough, some effort was needed to knead the gel colours in…


Once all the layers were stacked up (I had to make an extra layer so it would fit the size of my cookie cutter, I did this by combining my left over pink and yellow to get a nice orange), and the cookies were sliced, I used my cutter to make my cookies that extra bit awesome



They did take a bit longer than stated in the recipe, around 20-25mins, possibly mine were thicker, and out they came


Using the left over dough I made some marbled cookies as can be seen in the pictures

These were a lot easier to make than expected and they look really impressive (even if I do say so myself)

Many thanks to iced gems for a great tutorial