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Birthday Cake

I recently got my first cake request, I was asked to make a birthday cake with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.
Unfortunately, the child’s grandparents don’t like chocolate cake so I was asked if there was anyway to accommodate for them.

I normally inflict my cakes on others (lucky others, right?), but making a cake on request was kinda daunting, what if they didn’t like it, what if the cake was dry or tasteless, what if it wrecked the kids birthday and he was put off birthdays, or even worse, cake for life?!

I couldn’t let that happen, and set out to make the most awesome birthday cake, ever !!!!!!
Okay, maybe not ever, but ever made by me 😀

To keep everyone happy I decided to do an alternating vanilla and chocolate cake. I used my regular vanilla cake recipe, however, for the chocolate I didn’t want to use my regular chocolate as it’s a chocolate fudge cake which I felt would be too rich for kids.

I found this recipe and decided to take a risk with it, it was worth the risk. Chocolatey without being too rich. The dark muscavado sugar really enhances the flavour.

Using a sugar soaking syrup (using a ratio of 1:2 water:sugar, heat in a saucepan til melted, you can add vanilla/flavoured syrups if you wish, brush over cake with a pastry brush – it shouldn’t be soaking just a light brush) ensured the cake tasted fresh and moist.

To make it extra special and add that surprise element I decided to make it into a piñata cake, I love piñata cakes! A cake filled with chocolate, what’s not to love?!

Decoration is not exactly my strongest point, I tend to do simple things which give decentish results. This was no different for this cake especially as it had to be finished after work and the next day I had an early start.
The chocolate fingers gave a very neat finish and were very quick and easy to apply.


A little peak of the cake in action… apologies for the blurry images!